Rack- Single Open Square Hole-2″- HDPE Plastic- Mountable


Use: Large single miscellaneous tool holder. Great for gauges with hose attachments and large-end wrenches.

Included In System Purchase: Not included in system purchase. Can be chosen with $200.00 accessory option.

Placement on System: This accessory was designed for use on the wing section of the system. Since it is made from HDPE it can be attached in any position so it can be added to any hole on the Shadow system and at any angle or side.

Specs: Made out of HDPE plastic for easy machining if custom resizing of opening is needed. 3 1/2″ Wide by 2 1/2″ deep with square open-sided thru hole for easy tool placement.

Physical Benefits:  This holder style allows the tool to be slipped into place from a horizontal motion with only a slight vertical motion to seat the tool in the holder. This single motion is allowed due to the open Shadow Staging System access to tools. This combination of devices reduces physical motion for tool selection and return. This is all aided by the constant visual cues for tool location both for selecting and returning tools.

Made in the USA.

All Shadow accessories are designed for versatility. Please feel free to send us a note to let us know your unique use so we can let our customers know of your great idea!


Great to hold gauges or large wrenches.


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