TSS 5.2 with Master Accessory Package


The Shadow TSS 5.2 system is 36″W x 30″D x 5’2″H.  The system expands to 7’5″W, creating a wall of staged tools in specific positions to best assist both the work and inventory control.

Fully customizable to fit all your tool staging needs today and tomorrow.  Included accessories and shelves are capable of holding more tools, additional accessories can also be added to expand tool holding capabilities.

Includes Master Accessory Package which hold 300- 425 tools.

US Patent 8,944,444 and Patents Pending

Live product video demonstrations can be set up by calling our office at (844) 742-3698 or sending email from this site.

Available on backorder


This purchase of the TSS 5.2 Shadow Staging System™ includes our standard features plus the Master Accessory Package.  These features are provided to allow superior tool processing (tool selection/ return) with rapid inventory control capabilities.  The system is highly mobile to allow the system to move with the mechanic to be placed near the mechanic, close to where the work is being performed.  See more detailed information under the Shadow TSS Series tab on the main menu at the top of the page.

Included System Features:

  • Fully Enclosed System – Keyed Lock – includes lower drawer security
  • (4) 8″ Ergonomic Certified Wheels – 2 lock- 2 index
  • (2) Large Tool Canister Racks – 26 Long tools plus allow 3 extra long pry bars
  • (1) Driver Holding Bank – 6 or more drivers
  • (6) Center Shelves
  • (1) Table on Swivel Arm – 10″ x 14″
  • (1) Built-In Top Shelf
  • (2) Large Extension Panels
  • (1) 30″ Shelf- Bin Style
  • Power Support 110, USB, 12V
  • Battery Charging Drawer
  • System Lighting (LED) with battery backup

Included Power Detail:

  • LED System with battery backup for remote work
  • (2) 110V Duplex Outlets
  • (2) USB- A Style Ports
  • (2) USB- C Style Ports
  • (1) 12V Outlet
  • (1) GFI (Ground Fault Indicator) Safety Outlet
  • (1) Covered Male Inlet Port

Master Accessory Package Includes:

  • (1) Wrench Rack Set – 30 hooks total – Each hook holds 1 to 4 wrenches- 30-90 Total
  • (1) Wrench Wing™ Rack Set- Right– 18 hooks – 1 tool each – 18 Total
  • (1) Wrench Wing™ Rack SetLeft– 18 hooks – 1 tool each – 18 Total
  • (2) Hansen Horizontal Wrench Holder– Hold 13 Wrenches each – 26 Total
  • (7) Short Slim Style Hooks – Holds 7 Tools or can hang tool holders
  • (1) Retaining Hook – Holds 1 or more Tools
  • (1) Long Wide Curved Hook – Holds 1 Tool
  • (3) Tips Up™ Racks – Adjustable– Holds 3 tools each- 9 Total
  • (2) Tip Up™ Racks- Non- Adjustable– Holds 3 tools each- 6 Total
  • (1) 15″ Nine Hole HDPE PlasticRack– Holds 9 Tools
  • (1) 10″ Eight Hole HDPE Plastic Rack– Holds 8 Tools
  • (1) 15″ Tool Control Bar use with Rack or Shelf
  • (1)  6″ Tool Control Bar use with Rack or Shelf
  • (2) Four Hole Mini Mount Rack– Holds 8 Tools
  • (1) Hansen Socket Holder Sets– (1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ Drive – MM and SAE) – Holds 117 Sockets
  • (2) Blank Center Shelf Square Set– No Predrilled Holes- Holds Approx. 24 tools- 48 Total
  • (1) Rack – 1/2″ Drive Tool Holder – Holds 5 Tools
  • (2) Rack- 3/8″ Drive Tool Holder – Holds 6 tools each- 12 Total
  • (1) Rack- 1/4″ Drive Tool Holder– Holds 9 Tools
  • (1) 3.3″ Shelf– Bin Style
  • (1) 6″ Shelf– Bin Style
  • (1) 15″ Shelf– Bin Style     *System includes (1) 30″ shelf with purchase
  • (1) Electrical Lead and Cord Wrap
  • (1) Cell Phone Holder– Magnetic
  • (1) 8-Bin Kleton Bin Rack


  • Dimensions: 6′ 5″ H x 30″ D x 36″ W / expands to 7’6″ W
  • Weight: 740 lbs

**Photo shows included accessories, room available to add accessories for custom fit.

Ordering Instructions: Please call our office at (844) 742- 3698 to place your system order.  Thank you and we appreciate your business!


Shadow will be delivered by Light Truck Load in a custom crate. Your facility will need to have either a bay dock or a forklift for crate removal. Special shipping arrangements can be made for facilities without a bay or forklift for an additional fee (trucking companies charge extra for residential shipments requiring a Tommy Lift).

Shadow was invented, engineered and is built in the USA. US Patent 8,944,444 and Patents Pending


Tools are not included.



Fully Enclosed with Keyed Lock and Handles on Both Ends of System
Back of system view.
LED System Lighting Only
Industrial Wheels and Casters. 1.250 Lb Capacity Each. 2 Locking (Front). 2 Indexing (Back)


Battery Charging Drawer. 20A Duplex Outlet includes USB A Style and USB C Style Ports
Swivel Table for Staging Tools
Left and Right Long Tool Canisters. Right Canister can hold (3) Tools Up to 36″
Built-in Storage Shelf (Top of Center Section)
Center Shelves. All are Height Adjustable. Accessory Option Available to Extend Depth of Shelf Space.


Driver Holding Bank Includes 4 Driver Bracket Sets. Sets adjust for driver width. Battery Drivers can set on driver bottom. Inline drivers can set between brackets. Driver Bank can move back into system for taller drivers (Fixed change- Bank does not slide).
Large Extension Panel- Left Side Set Up Example Using Master Accessory Package Options. Industrial slides are rated for up tp 600 pounds. Includes manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Large Extension Panel- Right Side Set Up Example Using Master Accessory Package Options. Industrial slides are rated for up tp 600 pounds. Includes manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty.
30″ Bin Style Shelf. Can be attached on either wing and is height adjustable. Attaches with PEM studs.

Additional information

Weight 800 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 36 × 90 in