Rack- 10″ – 8 Holes – Industrial Plastic


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This 10″ rack holds eight (8) tools with either plier-type handles or vice grip jaws.  The HDPE plastic is easily machined for an exact fit of each tool or for adding holes if clearance is possible for adding additional tools.  The holes that have a squared off side allow vice grip type tools to be clamped onto the holder, as an alternative to the standard holding position.


Photo gallery include a photo that demonstrates the use of the 10″ Control Bar to contain and add additional tool control for the plier type tools (mounted below the 10″ plastic rack).

This accessories can be mounted in multiple locations on the extension panels.  This accessory is made from HDPE commercial grade plastic.  Includes mounting hardware.  Made in the USA.

Shadow system accessories are warrantied for 90 days against material and workmanship defects.  All Shadow Tool Staging Systems and accessories are built with commercial grade quality, designed for heavy use environments.  The Shadow Tool Company customer satisfaction is always a priority.

Tools not included.  This purchase includes one (1) 10″W HDPE Plastic Rack.


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