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This laptop holder with an articulating arm quickly moves to a wide variety of positions.  The arm is adjusted for the weight of the laptop or notebook being held via an adjustment to the air cylinder.  Once adjusted the arm moves easily and stays in position.  It would best be compared to the motion of a dentist table.  The laptop holder swivels and adjust forward easily.  The laptop is secured onto the holder via bungee cord type mechanism.  Articulating Arm and Holder are black to avoid visual distraction from the tools on the system.

This arm can be mounted on either left or right support stanchion.  The mount is mechanically mounted with bolts.  This allows versatile adjustment to keep data in line of sight for left or right handed mechanics.

Gallery Photos include photo of closed laptop swung to center of the system, arm and holder without laptop, and attached to both the TSS 6.5 and TSS 5.2 systems.

Note: System has both USB A and C style ports mounted to the right support stanchion.  These  provide a close power supply for electronics.  This laptop accessory can save 30 -90 minuted of additional time every day depending on the level of current computer usage.  Please contact the Shadow Tool Company customer service with any questions about recommendations for computer support for your business or how to help determine your specific time and physical motion savings.
Does not include Computer or tablet.

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