Hook Rack – 4 – Long Slim Style


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Misc. tool hook rack. Can hold multiple wrenches (1-4) on each hook depending on wrench thickness.

The Long Slim 4Hook Rack can be used only on extension panels.  The rack is secured to the system with PEM studs (welded on bolt shaft).  Using PEM studs instead of standard bolts eliminates the visual distraction exposed bolt heads.  Using PEM studs allow the accessory to blend into the system surface.  The accessories can be seen, but allow the tool being held to be visually dominant.  Additional hardware (nut) included for attachment to system.  All Shadow Tool Company custom built accessories attach using the same size nut for simple configuration of the system.

All accessories can be mounted in multiple locations for custom tool placement.  This accessory is made from Powder Coated steel.  Made in the USA.

Shadow system accessories are warrantied for 90 days against material and workmanship defects.  All Shadow Tool Staging Systems and accessories are built with commercial grade quality, designed for heavy use environments.  The Shadow Tool Company customer satisfaction is always a priority.

Tools not included.  This purchase includes one (1) 4 Hook Rack.

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