Blank – Center Shelf – Industrial Plastic – Square Set


Available on backorder


The set includes a blank (without holes) square piece of HDPE plastic that can be drilled or machined to custom fit any miscellaneous tools like bits, universal sockets, short adapters or extension, etc.  This allows for individual tools to be held instead of entire sets, if some tools are rare use items.  The stand can then be attached to present the tools being held.  The plastic blank is mounted to the stand with included hardware (pilot holes for the screws are drilled into the plastic piece).

This accessory is ideally used on the center shelves or can be used on the side extension panels when used on top of the 15″ -Tray Style Shelf (not included).

Included in the photo gallery is a picture of three blank sets, two have been custom drilled and the center set demonstrates how the set will look when you receive it.  Made in the USA.

Shadow system accessories are warrantied for 90 days against material and workmanship defects.  All Shadow Tool Staging Systems and accessories are built with commercial grade quality, designed for heavy use environments.  The Shadow Tool Company customer satisfaction is always a priority.

Tools are not included.  The purchase includes one (1)  Square Center Shelf Blank Set