Laptop / Tablet Holder – Magnetic – MA


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Please Note: This product is not made by the Shadow Tool Company but is endorsed for quality and capabilities.  Using this product by itself or in addition to the Articulating Laptop Arm can save an additional 30-90 minutes per day if the mechanic uses data from a laptop or notebook on a regular basis throughout the day.  This depends on where they are accessing the computer now and other shop configurations.  Please call the Shadow Tool Company to discuss this in more detail.  We want to ensure this product will add to your productivity.

Product Description: This magnetic holder is protected with thick rubber coating over both magnets. This rubber coating protects both device and attachment surface.  The Laptop or notebook magnet end has a swivel head for angle adjustment.  This holder can mount anywhere on the system or to a safe surface on the work project.

This magnetic holder can be used by itself to hold a laptop/notebook.  It will easily attach to countless positions on the Shadow Staging Systems.  It can also expand the options for laptop visualization if it is used with the Articulating Arm Lap Top Holder.  The combination of these accessories would allow the mechanic to use the articulating arm when the arm can provide the best visual access to the laptop but then use the magnetic mount (only metal disc needed to be attached to laptop) when the articulating arm does not reach the desired visual range.

Magnet Use With Computer:

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