Your Shadow Staging System™ includes amazing standard features and accessories. These features provide superior capabilities at your point-of-work. After these included features and accessories listed below personal preference will dictate how you choose to expand your system. Don’t worry, you can then select $200.00* of additional accessories! These can be selected with your system or after your system is in place, so you can insure you have what you need.

Dimensions: 6’5″” Tall by 30″ Deep by 36″ Wide, expanding to 7’6″ Wide during use.

ALL PRODUCT, PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS AND DATA ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE TO IMPROVE RELIABILITY, FUNCTION OR DESIGN OR OTHERWISE.                                                                                    Tools are not included.

Shadow TSS 6.5 Included Features and Accessories: 

Fully Enclosed System secured with a single FIn-Tail Handle with Keyed Lock. The system is controlled with two handles on either side for easy maneuvering.

The enclosure uses an industrial cam system to lock down the side panels and lower drawer with one motion.

Shadow Tool Company designs and builds all products to meet or exceed industrial use standards. All metal components are powder coated steel. All custom designed and built Shadow accessories are mounted using PEM studs (industrial bolt stems that are welded individually to the accessory or accessory mount). PEM studs add exceptional value because they cannot be seen. They allow metal accessories to blend into the existing structure without visible bolt heads which would distract visually from the hanging tools.


Four (4) 8″ Wheels with (2) locking and (2) indexing wheels. The locking casters are the two front- index two in back, but customer can move to preference.

  Power Support through inverted male inlet plug, all power runs thru a dedicated GFI protector on back of system, battery backup for remote LED light usage, 125V with (2) USB (a and c types) in lower battery charging station drawer, 125V outlet with (2) USB ports (a and c types), 12V outlet and LED lighting strip switch. LED lighting allows rapid selection of tools to continue in poor lighting areas (this lighting is directed at the Shadow system tools).

Battery Charging Drawer below system base (or anything drawer) with a standard 125V outlet in the back for easy power access.

Tool Canisters (2) on the left and right front of the system base are used for long items like long extensions, long screwdrivers, pry bars, hammers, pipe wrenches, etc. These canisters come with pre-drilled industrial plastic tool holding racks. The double racks are spaced on top of each other to control tools in an upright position. The open area above the canisters allows several locations for 3, 4, or 5′ tools to be secured. The system also includes holding racks that are called “blanks” because they are not drilled to hold tools yet. These are provided with each system to allow customer to drill holes/slots for a complete custom fit of these canisters, once you are accustomed to your system. The predrilled racks are to be use when the system is new and if customer wants to do a full custom cut for any section, the blanks can then be drilled. The canister tool real estate is among the most valuable in the system because of their ability to hold very long tools, so custom fitting can add a great deal superior holding capabilities and allow larger quantity of tools to be held.  They are made from HDPE plastic providing extreme industrial wear capabilities and exceptional machining capabilities.

Driver Holder on lower front by the base includes (4) sets of driver bracket sets which can be installed to fit any driver width. The space in between each set creates am empty space for inline drivers or battery driven drivers (placed into holder on battery packs). This holder offers numerous personal preference options on how you would like your drivers presented.  Holds 7 drivers, more or less if you prefer based upon driver sizes.

Six (6) Center Shelves which are intended to hold socket sets but can hold many types of tools or tool holders. Shelves have holes in base to attach other types of tool holders made by other manufacturers.

Four (4) Stanchion Racks- Varying 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ Stanchion Holders. 

One (1) Table on Swivel Arm
(10″ by 14″ with rim) that can extend 16 inches for use and folds into the system enclosure at the end of the day.  You have four patterns to choose from and again you can choose blanks (holders with no predrilled holes) if you prefer. These are made out of HDPE plastic for easy machining.

Built-In Top Shelf area for miscellaneous kits to be stowed. This area is 27″ wide by 21″ deep and can be found right under the enclosure lid. The height is 5.5″ but varies because there is additional space under the top lid (so those who like to tuck things in every space, you know who you are, that lid space will give you another two inches of height).

Shadow with articulating laptop arm (accessory option). There are three options to control the use of a laptop. Use the included swivel table to set laptop on or buy one or both added feature of the Articulating Arm w/ Laptop/ Notebook Holder or Laptop/ Tablet Holder- Magnetic.

Two (2) Extension Panels measuring 30″ wide by 40″ high. These panels have square holes every 1″ for accessory attachment. They also have a 3″ framed edge giving the wing panels depth and also  serve as a handle to easily slide panels out for use. These frames also have additional holes (not as many as the panels and with no real purpose for now but Shadow was built with the intention of future expansion, so you have to have extra holes for the future!).

Two (2) Sets of Wrench Hangers. The first Hook Set (2 pieces) is a standard linear wrench holders with 15 hooks on each holder. These hooks can hold multiple wrenches per hook. The second set is our new patent pending Wrench Wing Holders ™ which allow you to easily visualize each wrench for fast tool inventory control. The set includes 8 individual wrench holders, mounting both left and right facing in 3-hook, 4-hook, 5-hook and 6-hook styles.

One (1) Fluid Shelf this shelf runs the width of the wing panel (BTW both 6.5 and 5.2 have the same width on everything, the 5.2 is just 13″ shorter). The fluid shelf was designed to hold a standard oil bottle.

Five (5) Tips Up TM Sets which will hold 15 screwdrivers or torx wrenches (so anything with a handle and shaft) of any length with the exclusion of stubbies. They are usually too short but they can be inserted into the top portion of the Tips Up set and are kept in place well by the diaphragm of the grommet.

One (1) 15″ Shelf that can be used for anything (it also has slits that run the wide of the shelf so you can purchase the hex wrench holding blocks if you want to hold hex or Torx wrenches).

($200.00) in Additional Accessories that you choose beyond the base system. You can select these now or you can purchase them after you become accustom with all of the standard holders that come with your system.

Personal preference really comes into play beyond the base unit so have fun shopping for the rest of your accessories. I would recommend that you stick with the basics of the core wrenches and electronics that you are sure you will use. Get comfortable with your Shadow system before you add all of your accessories. Remember, you are changing a habit you have had your entire career so it will take time. Give yourself 30 days to settle in. That is how long it takes to develop a habit. All of our trial mechanics fell into that time frame of 30 days. Breaking old habit of using drawers or walking over to a wall to get tools is difficult but well worth it once you have free tool access!

We would like to draw attention to the most important accessory, if you use a laptop/notebook. The articulating arm for the Laptop Holder will save quantifiable time every day just from efficient tool use.  Adding an articulating arm for a laptop saves additional time above and beyond using Shadow.  Start noticing the time you spend walking over to get data from a shared laptop or computer station. Laptop access at your point-of-work is not only a big time saver but also helps keep your mind in the game!

Shipping: Shadow will be delivered by Light Truck Load in a custom crate. Your facility will need to have either a bay dock or a forklift for crate removal. Special shipping arrangements can be made for facilities without a bay or forklift for an additional fee (trucking companies charge extra for residential shipments requiring a Tommy Lift).

Shadow was invented, engineered and is built in the USA. US Patent 8,944,444 and Patents Pending.